Leadership on Tough Issues

Jud testifying at the Board of Public Works

On a day-to-day basis, being Mayor is not only a wonderful honor, but also a great joy. I get to

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Why I’m Bullish on Gaithersburg

Jud with Liberty's Promise group

You can measure people’s belief in the future of a company by looking at its share price – as people

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Racial Equity & Policing

Black Lives Matter march - June 2020

On Racial Equity I’ve always seen Gaithersburg as a great place for people of all backgrounds to make a home,

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Why I’m Running & My Platform

Jud in front of cherry blossom

Every morning, I wake up feeling both proud and mindful of the responsibility I’ve been given to serve you as

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The Future of Lakeforest Mall

Lakeforest Master Plan

What’s happening at Lakeforest Mall? Is it going to be redeveloped? If so, when? It’s Complicated Lakeforest Mall looks like

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What We’ve Accomplished

Mayor & Council portrait

It’s about *we* not *me.* While I am proud to have contributed meaningfully to a substantial list of achievements we’ve

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